Hard Wood Fillable Hot Air Balloon 30cm-100cm

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A fillable hot air balloon wood blank, made from Malaysian hardwood. Choose from various sizes including an extra large 140cm set. Fill with lush, pastel coloured felt balls or simply paint and hang on the wall, the perfect minimalist art for any nursery or children's room. 


 Balloon Basket
Outline Width
30cm x 24cm 9cm x 6cm 7mm
40cm x 31cm 12cm x 8cm 9mm
50cm x 40cm 15cm x 10cm 12mm
70cm x 56cm 22cm x 13cm 15mm
100cm x 79cm 31cm x 18cm 20mm



* made from Malaysian hardwood
* 24 mm arrives in 2 pieces (6mm backing & 18mm outline)
* 42 mm arrives in 3 pieces (6mm backing & 2x 18mm outlines)
* designed & priced for business resale
* bulk discounts available