Birch Wood Fillable Rectangle 30cm-100cm

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A rectangle fillable wood blank, a versatile product that can be used for multiple craft projects. Fill with resin and add handles to create stunning resin trays. Choose from multiple size options, offering your business the opportunity to produce small and large art work, whilst keeping your expenses low. 

An MDF version is available here.


 Height Width Outline width
30cm 22cm 8mm
40cm 30cm 10mm
50cm 36cm 12mm
70cm 51cm 15mm
80cm 58cm 17mm
90cm 66cm 18mm
100cm 74cm 20mm


* 24 mm arrives in 2 pieces (6mm backing & 18mm outline)
* 42 mm arrives in 3 pieces (6mm backing & 2x 18mm outlines)
* designed & priced for business resale
* bulk discounts available
* made from birch wood