Lobster 100cm

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This geometric Lobster is created with deep pockets and thick embossed lines that are risen from the wood, making decorating easy for every one and any one.

Made from 12mm MDF.

100cm x 75cm

Made from 1 solid piece of wood. Our unique design is not only one of the largest of its kind available but its also made with a backing. This gives the decorator the opportunity to style in a totally unique way. Stick to one background colour and one outline colour or get really creative with different shades for each section. We also recommend using metallic shades for a rich finish.

To create this product we have skimmed certain sections of the wood, the surface texture of these sections is then slightly rougher than the original laminated mdf surface. We recommend gently sanding after the first coat of paint, a sanding pad is included with the purchase. 

We use traditional MDF and moisture resistant MDF depending on our wood stock levels. If you have a preference to which MDF you would like just let us know before placing your order. Moisture resistant MDF is stronger than common MDF, allows more efficient decorating and a smoother finish when decorated. This type of wood does have a green tint to it, we have added a comparison picture within the listing for your own reference.