Fillable Sunshine 30cm-100cm

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An unbelievable fillable sunshine with sun rays. Each sunshine comes with 11 sunbursts and circle centre. Made from MDF wood. Fill with orange and yellow felt wool balls for the sweetest nursery wall art. 


Centre Circle Rays Outline Width
30cm 14- 12cm x 6cm 14mm
40cm 16-19cm x 8cm 20mm
50cm 19- 23cm x 10cm 25mm
32- 38cm x 16cm 40mm


* 24 mm arrives in 2 pieces (6mm backing & 18mm outline)
* 42 mm arrives in 3 pieces (6mm backing & 2x 18mm outlines)
* designed & priced for business resale
* bulk discounts available

° Please note: moisture resistant MDF has a green tint but is smoother and easier to craft with. If you require standard MDF, please just ask.