Fillable Diamond 30-100cm

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A unique fillable diamond shape. A great way to display food at an engagement party or create wall art by filling the pockets with metallic resin. Let your ideas sparkle with this gem of a wood blank.


 Height Width
Outline Width
30cm 27cm 12mm
40cm 36cm 15mm
50cm 45cm 18mm
70cm 62cm 26mm
100cm 90cm 37mm


* 24 mm arrives in 2 pieces (6mm backing & 18mm outline)
* 42 mm arrives in 3 pieces (6mm backing & 2x 18mm outlines)
* designed & priced for business resale
* bulk discounts available

° Please note: moisture resistant MDF has a green tint but is smoother and easier to craft with. If you require standard MDF, please just ask.