Fillable Butterfly 50cm-100cm

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A beautiful fillable butterfly, a new design to add to your shop. These pieces look great with 2 or 3 butterflies simply painted and hung on the wall, giving a stunning 3D appearance. Alternatively fill with classis felt balls or fill with resin. The possibilities are endless with this enchanting wood blank.  


Height Width
Outline thickness
50cm 45cm 12mm
70cm 63cm 15mm
100cm 85cm 20mm


* 24 mm arrives in 2 pieces (6mm backing & 18mm outline)
* 42 mm arrives in 3 pieces (6mm backing & 2x 18mm outlines)
* designed & priced for business resale
* bulk discounts available

° Please note: moisture resistant MDF has a green tint but is smoother and easier to craft with. If you require standard MDF, please just ask.